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Connecting Communities with Technology

Who we are

OneTek Connect evolved from OneTek Business Solutions by creating a much needed Ultra Fast broadband network in the Village area of Manchester, which we called GleeFI.

GleeFI was the product of a collaboration between OneTek and the businesses in the Village. By having a clear goal to find a solution that did not exist, we looked outside the box to create a unique product. The result of that community collaboration was to create an astonishingly fast internet service, quoted as being the fastest in Europe, sold for a fair price.

Our goal is to reproduce technology projects in other parts of Manchester and the UK, reviving the tremendous strength we find in our communities.

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Our mission

Encourage community spirit

Solve problems in those communities

Provide products and services for fair prices

Help people thrive

Capturing Art


Ultra Fast WIFI connections, in the street...

Faster than your home broadband, for free, in our connected communities.

Fibre Optics

FULL FIBER Broadband

Ultra Fast Full Fiber Broadband

The fastest broadband in Europe at affordable rates. 

Communication Tower

 WIFI Solutions

Rapidly Deployed Ultra Fast WIFI, anywhere!

 Need to connect two remote locations, can't run a wire, we will create a reliable wireless link cheaply for you.

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Fiber Broadband

Today, more than ever we need immediate. fast reliable internet. Relying on the existing large suppliers has resulted in black spots where availability is limited and often poor value.

We side step those problems by building our own fiber internet connection. This allows us to offer much faster products at considerably lower prices.


£35 per month

Light Usage

Medium Quality Steaming

Basic £35


£45 per month

Higher Usage

High Quality Steaming

Intermediate £45


£60 per month

Heavy Usage

4k Quality Steaming

Online Gaming

Advanced £60


£60 per month or lower - Additional Benefits

Bring your neighbours together to install an unlimited 1000mb network in your area. Prices are proportional based on take up.

Local Community Project

FIber Broadband
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